Mike Bowler

Mike is a coach and trainer in the IT space, who has been helping teams improve for over twenty years. If you’re looking for Mike’s IT work then click here

While it’s easy to teach new concepts or skills, changing existing behaviours is extremely hard for most people as those behaviours are happening at an unconscious level. Studying how to help people through those changes has led Mike on a journey into hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, psychology, body language, graphology, clean language, mindscaping and an amazing amount of neuroscience research.

Mike has found that some of the very best facilitation and coaching techniques come from this space. From hypnosis and NLP and other forms of applied neuroscience.

Mike is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has studied with many internationally renowned trainers.

National Guild of Hypnotists Architecture of Hypnosis Architecture of Hypnosis Masters Program Integrative Addictions Solutions Mindscaping NLP Practitioner Advanced Hypnotherapy Practices Stage Hypnosis Academy

  • Architecture of Hypnosis (University of Toronto) with Mike Mandel
  • Architecture of Hypnosis Masters Program (University of Toronto) with Mike Mandel
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Practices (University of Toronto) with Mike Mandel
  • Mindscaping (University of Toronto) with Mike Mandel
  • Graphology (Las Vegas) with Mike Mandel
  • Foundations of Unconscious Coaching (Remote) with Melissa Tiers
  • Integrative Addictions Solutions (University of Toronto) with Melissa Tiers
  • NLP (New Code) Practitioner (Toronto) with Hugh Comerford
  • Hypnotic Coaching (Remote) with Jess Marion
  • Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism & Performance (University of Toronto) with Michael C. Anthony

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