In order for teams to step into high performance. it’s critical that they develop the practice of having effective conversations about what is and isn’t working. Yet in practice, the retrospective meeting is often the least-valued of the agile events: team members feel that their retros are boring, repetitive, and superficial.

In this workshop, we will teach participants how to design and deliver a really useful retrospective using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. We’ll cover the basics of this powerful facilitation technique, and give advice about how to build your own SERIOUS PLAY kit using pieces easily available at the local toy store. We’ll also offer practical suggestions for how to design a retro that gets everyone talking (and building), and results in the team agreeing on action.

The participants will leave with a powerful retrospective technique that they can immediately use with their teams.

Where does this name come from?

“Moose on the Table” is a regional expression similar to the better known “Elephant in the Room” that refers to important things that nobody is choosing to talk about. Being Canadian, we felt that the moose was a better fit for our style than an elephant and that’s how the workshop got it’s name.

More information

The handout for this talk can be found at lsp_retro.pdf